2015 Poéticas de la disidencia
Paz Errázuriz
Lotty Rosenfeld
Curadora: Nelly Richard
The exhibition

The works of Páz Errázuriz and Lotty Rosenfeld, two internationally renowned female artists, integrate into their viewpoints the contextual traces of an historical and political journey: from Chile‘s military dictatorship to the democratic post-transition period.

Curadora /
Académica, teórica,
crítica de arte.
Nelly Richard

Born in France, Nelly Richard studied Modern Literature at the Sorbonne (Paris III), and has lived in Chile since 1970. Her book Margins and Institutions: Art in Chile since 1970 (1986), which gave shape to the Escena de Avanzada(a 1980’s collective avant-garde art movement protesting social and political matters) in Chile, is considered a key reference in the field of Latin American art and critical theory. She was the curator of the unofficial selection of the Paris Biennale (1982) and since then has undertaken a number of curatorial initiatives, both in and out of Chile, revolving around aesthetics, politics, memory and gender. In 1987 she was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. She was the founder and editor of Revista de Crítica Cultural from 1990 to 2008, and was the director of the Master’s Program in Cultural Studies at Universidad ARCIS, in Chile, from 2004 to 2010.

Lotty Rosenfeld

Born in Santiago, Chile, Lotty Rosenfeld studied at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas, the School for Applied Arts, at the Universidad de Chile from 1967 to 1969. While her early artistic activity revolved around printmaking, in 1979 she joined the Colectivo Acciones de Arte (CADA), the art actions collective, and began working on interventions in public spaces. Along with CADA her work is associated with what is known as the Escena de Avanzada. Her work has consisted primarily of interventions in urban spaces in different parts of Chile and abroad. Since then she has used art actions and video as her preferred formats and techniques of expression.

Paz Errázuriz

Born in Santiago, Chile, Paz Errázuriz studied education at the Cambridge Institute of Education, in England, and at Universidad Católica de Chile. In 1972 she began her education as a self-taught photographer, and continued perfecting her craft in 1993 at the International Center of Photography in New York. She began her professional and artistic career in the 1980s.

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Selection Process

For the first time in history, the National Council for Culture and Arts of Chile (CNCA), through its International Unit, organised a public competition for Curatorial Proposal of the Pavilion of Chile at the 56th Biennale di Venezia 2015.

This new form of open call aims to stimulate and support the international circulation of artistic work of Chilean artists, as well as collaborate with the professionalization of the visual arts sector.

The competition was divided into two stages. The first stage was named a “Call for Ideas” where applicants filed a curatorial proposal written in no more than two pages with the authorisation of the proposed artists. From this stage, five projects were pre-selected for the second phase where the curators were asked to submit a more detailed draft and then present it in person to the members of the jury.

The selection was made by a jury composed of representatives from various sectors of the visual art . The members of the jury in this edition were:
• Gerardo Mosquera: International curator and president of the jury
• Alfredo Jaar: visual artist, representative of Chile in the Venice Biennale of art in 2013
• Roberto Farriol: Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts, DIBAM
• Francisco Brugnoli: Director of Museum of Contemporary Art, Universidad de Chile
• Esteban Córdova: president of ACA (Arte Contemporáneo Asociado)
• María Elena Comandari: president of AGAC (Asociación de Galeristas de Arte Contemporáneo)
• Alex Chellew: president of APECH (Asociación de Pintores y Escultores de Chile).
• Irene Abujatum: Executive Director of Fundación Artes Visuales Asociadas (FAVA).
• Soledad Novoa: academic and Curator

Concurso público,
una experiencia
Noticias Los proyectos claves de la Bienal de Venecia 2015

Un énfasis en el paisaje y en el valor de la belleza surge entre las tendencias de la Bienal inaugurada ayer, la mas importante de su género en el mundo. el encuentro recoge también una preocupación por los temas actuales del hombre, en sus dimensiones sociales y territoriales.

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Previous years

In the previous years, Chile presented outstanding participations in the Biennale di Venezia. In 2009, our country was represented by artist Iván Navarro and his work “Umbral”. In 2011, Fernando Prats was in charge of the national presentation with his “Big Sur”. And in the latest version, in 2013, Alfredo Jaar wowed the visitors with “Venezia, Venezia”.

We invite you to learn more about the Chilean pavilion in earlier editions of the Biennale Arte.